Safety Measures

Welcome to Anomalous Phenomena Investigations International (API)

Founded in December 2004

Because of the nature of what we do safety is of paramount importance to us. We always have these safety measures in place:

1. A fire extinguisher

2. Smoking by participants is allowed only in designated areas within a location, provided permission is granted by the client.

3. We have four First Aid kits which are carried by four team founders who have been trained in Basic First Aid and CPR by the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards and awarded HeartStart UK certificates.

4. At least two members carry two-way radios at all times. We all carry cell  phones.

5. No team member or guest is allowed to wander off alone, even to the toilets. We insist on having teams of at least two people.

6. Each team member and guest is requested to fill out a Medical Emergency form, which they carry on their person during the investigation. If an accident occurs this provides for immediate access to your medical details for the attending medical professional. The form is considered confidential and is not to be read by any other team member or guest.

7. We carry a phone book or note pad with the phone numbers and addresses of local hospitals and emergency GPs/Doctors.

8. All participants at an investigations will be informed of the pre-designated Fire Assembly Point, where everyone will be instructed to meet and remain until instructed otherwise in the event of fire or other emergency. This enables us to determine that all participants are safely out of the building.

API would like to express their thanks and gratitude to John and Malcolm, the First Aid Trainers of North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards, Whitley Bay, for their expert training and hospitality. We would also like to thank them for the mention of Anomalous Phenomena Investigations in their newsletter.






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